For over 30 years, JVI has designed and manufactured packaging solutions covering an extensive range of industries.   We work with the highest degree of ethics with minimal impact to the earth’s environment while driving concept to reality.  As a global federal contractor and manufacturer, our clientele span from North America, South America, Asia & Europe to Africa.

We specialize in providing exceptional customer service, design/engineering support, and packaging solutions that exceed client expectations. Our mission is to create the most beautiful, creative, functional and cost effective luxury packaging  solutions worldwide while maintaining client collaboration every step of the way. Let us partner with you to make your luxury packaging dreams a reality.


Our founder, Jon Fink came to love fine wood at a young age. Raised in an old Landmark home, he was surrounded by fine antiques. His love of music as a teen led him to meet a retired gentleman who had started to repair guitars and banjos in his spare time. 

“Even though I was only seventeen at the time, I still knew that I had met my first teacher. Not only did I learn about repairing musical instruments, but more importantly about the patience and discipline that was required to work wood [which] really help lead my life.”

Picture taken on the border of Laos and Thailand, 2015.

Picture taken on the border of Laos and Thailand, 2015.

After graduating from The University of Virginia in 1977, Mr. Fink set up a small guitar manufacturing shop in a studio of a local arts center. By 1983, Jonathan Virginia, Inc. was born as a sole proprietorship. Small consumer products, baby rattles, rolling pins and pastry boards began to be sold on a nationwide basis.  By 1986, Jonathan Virginia, Inc. became known as simply JVI, LLC.  JVI has grown significantly while increasing its scope of operations to support a growing customer base of luxury packaging solutions.